We provice some accessories for Building, They are Spacer, Joint Filler, Tile Cleaner Adhesive, PVC Beading, Admit epoxy, Glass senery


Spacers are the small plastic inserts that are placed between tiles to help keep them an even distance apart. They can make your tile lines perfectly straight, but they can also slow down a tile job, and you need to be aware of exactly what size to use for the tiles you are installing. They are not necessary, however, to a good granite tile installation


Sometimes the joints are a little wider than one would hope and the adhesive does not quite fill the joint when the worktop sections are clamped together after cutting with a worktop jig. The adhesive can be mixed with some fine filler and the joint filled from the surface as you can see in the image below. The filler will change the colour of the adhesive and make it slightly lighter so always mix a little and leave to dry for an hour or so before you assume the colour is correct. Some manufacturers will caution against mixing their worktop fillers and adhesives. You should always follow the manufactures guidelines to ensure that you are okay to do this.


A highly effective cleaner designed for everyday maintenance of tiles, marbles & natural stones etc. Ideally suitable as a general purpose cleaner. It is very much safe and less reactive (compared to other cleaners based on Hydrochloric acid) especially on marble surfaces. Designed specially for removal of limescale & for everyday maintenance of tiles, marbles, natural stones, etc. Ideal for regular maintenance of heavily trafficked areas such as shopping malls, hotels, etc.


As before the adhesive to be used should be suitable for the conditions and also it is recommended that White adhesive is used on light coloured marble. This is to avoid dark shadowing from the back of the tile after installation. The adhesive you require will be dependant on the conditions and substrate that the tile is being fixed on. In most cases you will require Keraquick White.


This product is available in diverse colors and assists in protecting the breakage of tile corners during handling and transportation. This product is utilized to match the measurements of the walls. This product is manufactured by excellent quality PVC.


Acrylic Mortar Admix (AMA) is a liquid polymer designed to be mixed with custom or standard thin set mortar blends in place of water to improve performance and bond strength. For convenience, the admixture comes in a pre-measured container for ease of mixing. Increases performance of unmodified thin set mortars for setting dense tile and over hard to bond to surfaces.


Epoxy is a two-part liquid that eventually hardens into a solid material. To create a mold from epoxy, you need need a frame to hold the liquid epoxy until it hardens. The mold will consists of two halves, so the frame must also be constructed as two halves that fit together.


Various outdoor scenes, including vistas, cityscapes, farm scenes, etc. Ocean scenes and some Lake views are under Stained Glass Nautical. There are also items under Stained Glass Trees that could easily be on this board.