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Arraybooks, a solution for accounting software VAT topic at affordable rates without excessive financial burden. Free Usage up to two months . The users can use accounting software freely until the user intends to comply with our policy according to our policy "Customer First " (Maximum 2 months). Arraybooks accounting software is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-read version without a single account. Solution for all VAT related issues, including legitimate daily transactions, easy submission of returns, etc. Inventory Management, Sales and Purchase Management, Financial Management . Our professional engineers are always available for providing free training and customize the software according to meet your business requirements. Any accounting / ERP software purchase is a huge assertion that the master entry (data entry) you have to do, can be made ease to use by the professionals of arraybooks software once you provide the detailed EXCEL sheet which is free of cost.And the implemented software can be used from the very first day itself.